Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Changes from yesterday...

Ok, sure, the Universe Sucks Balls.

But it took a break from sucking today.

  • Last night I went back and reconciled my TELUS bills to figure out what a package that allows hosting would cost. Well, I discovered that TELUS was charging me between $5 and $9 extra per month - totalling $67.33. So I called them up, and they stated that, "Yes, [they] were over charging me." So to rectify things, they're "giving [me] a month free of Internet access, and will still apply a credit to my account.

  • Today marks the day of gainful employment. I start working in the office at Mission in Calgary. Decent job, great guys, good perks. Yay.

  • While I may not be going to Vegas, I'm still going to San Francisco for six days. It should be sweet, considering I have a nice wad of cash to go with (thanks Dad :-). Insert a random statement about more money than brains. I can forsee some jetskiing!

  • I went hiking today. I saw some cows. I saw some mountains. ... Man, I love getting back to nature.

Oh yeah... never look a cow straight in the eyes. It gets spooked and will poo. That's gross.


At 4:22 PM, Blogger Liz Kerrison said...

Hey hey JayZ

thx for welcoming me to the blogworld. it's actually kind of funny that we started blogging not so much as a week apart on the same host-site.

i think it is clearer now than ever
you must bring me something cool from your travels


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