Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I swear the Universe is out to get me this year...

I hope I don't turn this into a livejournal... but...

So I just turned 21 a few days ago. Let's go through the shoddy things that have happened since.

  • Three people (out of 25 that RSVP'd) turned up for my Birthday shindig. This resulted in me spending my Birthday with a close friend and four 17 year olds down at the Calgary Stampede. I hate the Calgary Stampede. Bunch of steers and queers.

  • I was supposed to be going to Vegas for a week. My cousin's boyfriend does videography, and was supposed to be filming an Adidas something-or-other out there. He got word today that of the six permits he needs to film, one was not approved.

  • I used TELUS for my internet connection. Monday night (Tuesday Morning), they decided that they were going to start filtering port 25. This means I have no way to retrieve any of my e-mail. Why not? Cause I thought I'd save some cash by hosting my website and e-mail on my box.

  • I've had chronic heartburn (acid reflux) for the past three days. No matter what I eat, or how many heartburn meds I take, it keeps on burning.

So all in all, fuck you you stupid fucking Universe. Stop being such a bitch and give me my comeuppins. I'm a good guy. I smile at the elderly. I pay my taxes.

Ugh. I'm going to bed.


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