Saturday, July 24, 2004


With a W.  Respek.

So in my travels to the US of A, I've been watching a lot of CNN.  And when I've been watching said CNN television, I've heard a lot of the 9/11 commission report which just happened to have been released (July 22, 2004) eight days after Lord Butler's report (14 July, 2004).

So rather than commenting on the specifics of these reports, I feel I need to address the reports themselves, and what kind of political issue they represent.

For those who don't know, the Butler Report was compiled by Lord Butler, of British Fame.  The report addressed the issues surrounding the Iraq war, the problems with the British participation in said war, and the information that caused the British to participate in the war.  The report did not name any specific names, nor did it finger point, when assigning blame.  Tony Blair's approval rating fell heavily over the past two years.  It's soon to be re-election time in Britian.

The 9/11 Commission's report, if you weren't paying attention, focused on what fatal flaws were exploited leading up to the Two Towers coming down on September 11th, 2001.  The report layed equal blame on both Bush and Clinton administrations, but didn't go beyond that.  Now, I know you Americans loved your Big Willy Style, so if the Bush Administration made the same mistakes as the Clinton Administration, then nothing bad could have happened... right?  George W. Bush's approval rating fell heavily over the past two years. It's re-election time in the United States.

So now what do these reports accomplish?  Publically, they acknowledge the fact that no one is to blame, rather a collective "mistake".  Unfortunately, and this is all conjecture (of course), these reports serve a totally different purpose.  Privately, the powers that be know that there was a major screw up.  Privately, they acknowledge the fact that the general populus needs to be reassured that all is okay.  Jadakiss asked "why Bush had to knock down the towers", but what Jadakiss should be asking is 'why the industry is so ill equipt to handle incoming threats?'

So what purpose to these reports serve?  Well, just like Michael Moore can put out propoganda assuring us that all is not okay, the government can put out 'reports' assuring us that all is okay.  Okay?  It just seems 'funny' that these reports came out around the same time, both dealing with the "major western-world issues", and both before an election.  Question everything.

Weekly book recommendation:
Kavalier and Clay.  I'm going to buy it.  You should too.


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