Monday, August 30, 2004

Dude... wtf?

Sometimes, the news is really odd. I mean... really odd.

Exhibit A. Man decapitated, friend keeps driving, goes to sleep. And in other news, Moonshine sales reach a record high in Georgia.

Exhibit B. French citizens kidnapped in Iraq. They will be released when France repeals it's head covering law. Jeez, maybe the Jews and baseball fans should take hostages too.

Exhibit C. Ten year old Billy pops a cap in his daddy's ass. Gangstas be warned, this lil homey is straight up ghetto, biatch.

Exhibit D. Noam Chomsky inspires hate crime. Jew on Jew violence. Don't be hatin'.

Exhibit E. Palestinians fast. Except on weekends. And days that end in 'y'.

And people wonder why I prefer to read 'The Economist' as opposed to other novels.


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