Thursday, August 12, 2004


Lately, with all the trouble and turmoil that's been going on in the Middle East, there has been a lot of criticism of the Muslim / Arab world. A large amount of this criticism stems from the fact that the no Arab is actively denouncing the events of September 11th. You'll get no argument of that criticism from me.

But to those who have grouped all Arabs together, I need you to read this. Sure, Zakiyah Abu Sneineh is an idiot:

Zakiyah Abu Sneineh lost her 60-year-old husband in the blast, which also critically injured her six-year-old grandson, but said a Palestinian could not have been responsible. "Arabs couldn't have killed him, only Israelis," she said as she waited for word on how the boy was doing.

But there are others who aren't:

"Why are you defending them?" Palestinian Nader Omar asked a man with a leg injury who said it was too early to judge the bombers. "They are wrong. We should raise our voice against them. These guys don't use their minds."

But before I get too excited, an evaluation of what caused the denounciation of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades:
  1. Drive to Jerusalem with a 20 kg bomb

  2. Get stopped at a checkpoint

  3. Toss your bag under another Palestinian's car

  4. Detonate it

  5. Run Away!

So, the only way for we, the Western World, to see a Moderate Muslim is to have them start killing each other.

Wait, that's not being moderate at all...


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