Saturday, September 11, 2004

Three years ago...

Three years ago, I woke up late. I decided to oversleep, as I didn't feel like going to class that morning. After the usual morning routine, I stumbled my way up the stairs to hear my mom say, "the world trade center has just been attacked." I didn't think much of it, as I really wasn't thinking. I got into my car, put on a CD, and proceeded to drive to school. Upon arriving, most of the students were gathering in the cafeteria where a TV with make-shift bunnyears had been set up. By the time I sat down, the second tower had come down. We watched, in awe, as one man was being named for orchestrating the attacks.

Being the juvinile idiots we were, we pretended to be airplanes and rammed out heads into each other's torsos. Being the juvinile idiots we were, we didn't even take the human cost into account. All we saw were two buildings and two airplanes blowing up. All we saw was distorted by the desensitization we had been exposed too all those years before.

And now, three years later, I think I truly understand. I truly understand that the world governments are ineffective in stopping this sort of thing from happening. I truly understand that as long as there are monetary incentives to attack the 'Western Infidels', we will keep being attacked. I truly understand that the American people have more to fear from the Militaristic Marketing Campaigns telling them that all is okay than they do from foreign attackers. I truly understand that the UN cannot, and will not, do anything to save those being massacred in Sudan. I truly understand that Chechnya is an internal issue for Russia that affects the whole world. I truly understand that self determination, while a noble goal, does not need to be achieved by spilling the blood of children. I truly understand that there are a lot of people out there who don't deserve to be called people.

So before making jokes, racially charged ones especially, just remember the human price that is being paid right now. All we do is talk, and people continue to die. All we do is joke, and people continue to die.


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